Despite the recommendation, services are not done often enough which may lead to premature component wear and cause further damage to the movement. When Vianney checks a watch in for an overhaul, he first assesses the full situation. Most of the time the required works is heavy and includes a component and function update or exchange in addition to the full overhaul.

Your watch is guaranteed against any production defects. This guarantee does not cover: Theft, loss, damage caused by natural phenomena and fire / Damage resulting from accident or improper use / Damage caused by moisture or exposure to liquids or gases / Mechanical damage caused by any wrong action or adjustment carried out by any person other than a VH Authorized Agent / Mechanical damage due to lack of responsible servicing / Leather strap normal wear and tear / Sapphire crystals breakage or scratches / Case scratches or dent.

Should you notice any problem on your timepiece, please bring it back together with the instruction manual / booklet to the VH Authorized Dealer from whom you bought it, or contact Vianney directly.

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