Condensed emotion

Name: Trio
Type: Simple Calendar with Big Date Display
Functions: Hour, minute, small second, day&night indicator, grande date
Size: 44 mm x 32 mm x 12 mm
Material: Gold
Movement: In-house developed calibre VH205
Balance frequency: 21’600 v.p.h.
Components: Around 390 including 50 for the grande date complication
Jewelling: 42 rubies
Winding: Automatic, fitted with patented « VH mystery rotor »
Power Reserve: 70 hours
Total weight: 135 gr including 90 gr of gold

In 2007 Vianney Halter presented the TRIO, a new piece from his Future Past collection.
This style is his signature since he introduced the Antiqua in 1998.
9 years after his first creation, with a design that stirred the traditional watchmaking codes, he comes back with a new piece that very much is a wearable gold ingot.
His fascination for solid matter has lead Vianney to a much more stern and elementary design; however, the subtlety of the finishings and the case‘s curved shape lends the watch a refined and casual style.

For the first time, a rectangular form factor. A new casing to match a new complication for Vianney Halter: the Grande Date, a two-disc display system that allows a better readability of the date.
Vianney put his personal touch into this complication: a gear configuration enabling a fast setting of the date using the crown, when this kind of function usually requires the external action on a correction pusher. The setting of time does not affect the date display, the two functions are totaly independant. While the crown is on neutral position, the date automatically jumps at midnight. A day&night indicator on the main dial displays whether the time must be read as « am » or « pm », thus the time setting system prevents the date from jumping at noon.

As for the Antiqua, time information is displayed through riveted portholes. In order of decreasing diameter one can read: Hour/minute plus day-night indicator, small second, and the grande date in two separate portholes.
Every detail and finishing is strictly done by hand following Vianney‘s quality standards, so that each piece is remarkable and unique.
To preserve an uninterrupted view of the VH205 caliber through the sapphire display back, the Trio Grande Date is fitted with the VH patented "mystery rotor".